Nurse Educators

Nurse Educators offer one-on-one support to help patients start and stay on track with therapy.

Every enrolled patient is assigned a phone-based DUPIXENT MyWay® Nurse Educator, who takes a patient-centric approach to providing tools, support resources, and education throughout the patient’s treatment journey.

  • One-on-one nursing support, when needed, to provide disease and DUPIXENT education and ongoing follow-up to ensure patients stay on track with DUPIXENT
  • Help scheduling deliveries of DUPIXENT
  • Reminder when eligible patients must reapply for financial support programs
  • Supplemental injection training at home, virtually or over the phone
  • Copay assistance for eligible patients
  • Refill and injection reminders
  • Invitation to download the DUPIXENT MyWay Patient App

Supplemental injection support

Along with initial training provided by the HCP’s office and support from DUPIXENT MyWay Nurse Educators, your patients will also find instructional videos, patient testimonials, and downloads in our Injection Support Center.

  • Supplemental instructional videos will walk your patients or their caregivers through the process of administering DUPIXENT.
  • They can hear from other patients who have been through the process.
  • A mindful breathing exercise may help your patients achieve the right frame of mind to help calm their nerves.
  • Downloadable Instructions for Use will give your patients another resource to always have at their side.
For more information, dial 1‑844‑DUPIXENT (1-844-387-4936) option 1
Monday-Friday, 8 am to 9 pm ET